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Use the New Year to Launch Your Corporate Responsibility Program

With the new year upon us, now is the time to start planning how to put those business resolutions into practice to improve your business and engage employees. And a corporate responsibility program is the perfect solution to meet these goals.

What's a corporate responsibility program? It's a collection of a business' activities and policies that seek to create a positive impact both internally and externally. With corporate responsibility, companies are mindful of the effects that their operations have on the environment and society.

How to Launch Your Corporate Responsibility Program

Below are several steps a company can take to create a successful corporate responsibility program:

  • Align your program with your company’s mission and values: A corporate responsibility program is most effective when your stakeholders (customers, employees, board of directors, etc.) can easily understand the links between your program and your company services, brand, and vision.

  • Engage key stakeholders: Garner ideas and feedback from those stakeholders that are most relevant to the creation and maintenance of your program. Early buy-in will lead to greater support for your initiatives as the program develops.

  • Identify external partners: If your program involves external engagement with local nonprofits or community leaders, conduct thorough research to identify those organizations that best align with the vision for your corporate responsibility program.

  • Start small: Rather than implementing multiple facets of your corporate responsibility program at the same time, focus first on those aspects that will have the greatest influence on the outcomes you wish to achieve.

  • Assess your competition’s corporate responsibility programs: Benchmark and evaluate what your competition is doing for their corporate responsibility initiatives in order to set your program apart and establish your company as a corporate responsibility leader in your industry.

If you already have a corporate responsibility program, the insights above can also serve to help you reassess and realign programs accordingly.

Contact us to learn more about corporate responsibility and how we can help your program thrive.


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