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An Added Endeavor: Saz Healthy Living

Sustainable and healthy living have always been personal passions of mine. I grew up in the country surrounded by nature and was taught the importance of treating the environment with respect and steps that we can take to lessen our impact on it. From the health side, my own health journey has required me to become educated on what it takes to live a sustainably healthy life--in terms of exercise, nutrition, and how your home environment affects your personal health--and how these issues are often intertwined.

For that reason, I’ve decided to start a new endeavor in addition to Lynz Consulting called Saz Healthy Living. Its purpose is to empower individuals to live greener, more sustainable, and healthier lifestyles. Through it, I offer sustainable living and health and wellness coaching services that provide individuals with the guidance and tools to make significant, lasting changes that improve their lives and our world.

Coaching vs. Consulting

My approach to solving a client’s issues as a coach is different from that as a consultant. In my consulting role, my intention is to use my expertise to explore and respond to my client's needs.

In comparison as a coach, I guide clients to solve their own problems. I help my coaching clients to 1) Clarify their sustainable living or health and wellness goals, 2) Identify challenges and problematic behaviors that may hinder them from reaching these goals, 3) Use that information to develop an action plan to achieve their desired results, and 4) Hold them accountable in achieving their goals, providing support and encouragement along the way.

Why Create Saz Healthy Living?

Personally, I feel that there’s still a lot to be done to address climate change, and this is my way to make a greater contribution to that effort in addition to the business consulting that I do. Given the combination of my personal background and professional experiences in corporate responsibility, ESG, and sustainability, I can also aid individuals looking to better their health and the health of our environment.

To that end, I became certified in life coaching, health coaching, and personal training, and Saz Healthy Living was born.

Lynz Consulting Going Forward

My zeal for providing strategic planning, communications, partnership development, and employee engagement to my corporate clients hasn’t abated, and I will avidly continue to work with companies and nonprofits to guide and support their corporate responsibility, ESG, or sustainability initiatives. I will also gladly extend my coaching services to interested corporate clients should the opportunity arise.

If you’d like to learn more about Lynz Consulting, Saz Healthy Living, or my background, feel free to reach out via the Contact Us section at the bottom of my home page.


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